Senior, founded in 1988 in Blumenau (SC), is one of the greatest provider of enterprise software platforms in Brazil, offering flexible and reliable solutions to guarantee expertise on business and management processes. In addition to develop the most complete tool for human management in the market, provides integrated products for business management, access and security management and a full package of services for deployment, consulting and support on IT.

Also in Cloud Computing, the company's solutions give support so that the companies from different acting profiles reach their best results and get performance with the highest levels of operational excellence.

To be closest, the company counts, besides the head office in Santa Catarina, on more 6 branch offices distributed among the states of São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Rio Grande do Sul, Mato Grosso do Sul and Pernambuco, and around 100 dealers throughout Brazil, totalizing more than 3 thousand people involved – mid employees, commercial partners and dealers.

Our new headquarter in Blumenau, Brazil


The reality of the corporate market requires companies to invest more and more in information systems which guarantee reliable support for decision-making. In this scenario, Senior is positioned as a solution provider for enterprise management, effectively responding to the companies needs from several sizes and segments.


With great versatility, Senior Enterprise Resource Planning ERP solution effectively serves diverse business segments in the areas of Market, Supply, Financial controllership, Finances, Controllership, Costs, Manufacture, Services, Quality and Electronic Documents. The ERP provides companies initiatives that support managers and directors in decision-making, controlling and monitoring the purchase process, receiving and stock, total visibility of financial operations and fiscal and legal aspects, in addition to assisting in the implementation and security of production processes.


Senior Access and Security Management Solution offers high technology in systems coupled with latest generation equipments, integrating all the access and security routines of a company in a single application. Compatible with any security and management project, provides personal and patrimonial protection for all segments, in addition to streamline decision-making and risks control centralization. Responsible for effective management of vehicles use, the solution also manages vehicles and people access entrances, identifying and controlling in real-time activities and devices.


Senior Human Capital Management Solution applies innovative concepts in the strategic management of human capital. The software is ideal for the Human Resources decentralization, because it makes information available and accessible to workers in real-time, over the internet, intranet and portals. The solution is divided into Labor Relations, Compensation, Organizational Development, Quality of life and Specializations to help legal routines and management practices.


Senior offers to the market solutions for companies’ strategic management. Aimed at the generation of management information and graphics for strategic and tactic areas, Business Intelligence (BI) is a tool that allows graph creations, indicators and specialized cubes, supplying subsidies for decision-making in corporations. With Corporate Portal, organizational values and culture are scattered, what stimulates the self-management of areas and reduces communication and management internal terms. The Workflow, on the other hand, has the functionality to offer perfection at processes execution, making operational processes to be executed following pre-established customizations and parameterization.


Senior offers a complete package of services to manage the professional implementation without complications. With Senior Knowledge Management , customers, workers, consultants and people interested in joining the company network are qualified through fundamental resources in order for the knowledge dissemination to be effective and fast. The Specialized Consultancy is to develop activities which improve enterprise management processes within organizations through business consultancy, processes review and Senior systems analysis and adherence in the customers routines, for example. Senior also serves complete outsourcing to companies personnel management, allocating specialized professionals, working with the HR team or offering processing services in the Shared Services Center. Thus, Senior works in corporate actions, offering several benefits to the business.


Senior allows projecting the ideal IT environment infrastructure for companies. It offers IT services as: Servers Management, High Availability, Hardware and Software Infrastructure.


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